CPT was established in 2001, fueled by the founders’ entrepreneurial spirit and passion to pioneer green thermoforming capabilities. Several products and patents later, CPT’s Go Green trays are used for a wide range of food and medical packaging applications. Go Green trays have a reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional thermoforming without compromising on functionality, creativity and performance.

gogreen trays
  • Unique capabilities of Go Green Technology
  • Go Green is the only Polypropylene tray that can be registered printed.
  • Go Green Flex Flange can be overwrapped with conventional films and equipment and is an excellent alternative to foamed PS trays.
  • Go Green thermoforming technology reduces carbon footprint of rigid trays of up to 28% compared to conventional thermoforming processes.
  • Go Green Zazin Trays – unique beveled sidewall design allows for 40% savings in cube space for tremendous freight and supply chain savings.
gogreen padded trays

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