Recyclable Food Packaging and the Circular Economy

Curbside Recycled Water Bottle Caps
Cleansed and Processed Flakes
Go Green Black Trays

CPT’s PCR – Post Consumer Recycled Content

Food Packaging That Supports a Circular Economy

CPT trays enable your customer to actively support the universal goal of achieving a Circular Economy for plastic packaging. 


If food waste were a country, it would be the third largest producer of the world’s greenhouse gases with 4.4 billion tons of CO2  – after China (10.7 billion tons) and the USA (5.7 billion tons).*  In times of global water shortage it is also important to know that in the USA, for example, food losses alone account for 25% of the total water consumption.  Packaging, therefore, has an important protective function.

CPT’s Go Green Trays are made from polypropylene that is microwaveable and features good thermal and structural stability. The trays have excellent moisture barrier properties and can be be produced with a high oxygen barrier for extended shelf life.

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  • 100% Recyclable for curbside collection
  • Produced with Curbside Recycling Content
  • Part of the Circular Economy Lifecycle with Extended Shelf Life Packaging

CPT’s Multi Layer Extrusion Made From
Post Industrial and Post Consumer Recycled Content

recyclable bottle caps

Recyclable Plastic Packaging

Recyclable plastic packaging is a crucial factor on the path to a functioning circular economy for packaging.

There are two types of recycling that can be utilized:

  • Post-industrial – utilizing recycled plastic left over from CPT’s manufacturing process.
  • Post-consumer – new plastics made from curbside recycled plastics that have been cleaned and reprocessed.

Post-consumer recycled plastics are derived from end products, such as water bottles, that have completed their lifecycle as a consumer item and could be reused rather than being disposed of. Plastics made from post-consumer materials, keeps recyclable packages away from landfill and directs it towards recycling plants, thus reducing plastic waste.

Using post-consumer plastics makes sense –  it has a positive impact on the environment.  Post- consumer recyclable packages are collected by curbside recycling programs.

Post-Consumer Recycled Content

In addition to using post-industrial scrap, CPT uses post-consumer recycled packaging for use in their black colored trays.  CPT uses water bottle caps that have been collected in curbside recycling programs. These have been cleaned and reprocessed into ground flakes that are then used to make new black trays.

Post-industrial Recycled Materials

CPT’s manufacturing process enables it to reuse 100% the scrap it generates. CPT’s process encapsulates the post- industrial scrap between 2 layers of virgin material, so food contact is always with virgin plastic.

Curbside Recycled Water Bottle Caps
Cleansed and Processed Flakes
Go Green Black Trays

CPT’s PCR – Post Consumer Recycled Content

gogreen padded trays

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