Padded & Padless
Recyclable PP trays to replace PS foam
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Padded and Padless

Designed to withstand rigors of automated packaging equipment and will not compromise the stretch films.

scrap reduction gogreen

Reduced Scrap

Trays made with Go Green manufacturing process with 28% lower carbon footprint.

gogreen recycling

Number 5 recycling

Recycled with the number 5 polypropylene recycled items with participating municipalities


  • Recyclable Polypropylene
  • Designed for exceptional runability to withstand the rigors of automated packaging operations and does not break the film.
  • Eliminate residual oxygen levels that foam trays can pass into a barrier overwrap application.
  • Straight sidewall design results in larger space on bottom of tray that fits more protein for an esthetic package with maximized cube space.

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