Pre-Padded Trays
Hygienic • Absorbent • Aesthetic • Functional
go green barrier tray

Micro-pore Open Edge

Ensure high-quality freshness, extended shelf life, cleaner presentation, and no sticky mess.


Appetizing presentation of food signals quality and influences the purchasing decision  of customers.

Superior Denesting

Pads lay flat and are easier to denest. Pads are available in black, white and custom colors.

Micro-pore Open Edge Pads


  • Due to elimination of  nonabsorbent raw materials, synthetic glues and binders, Micro-Pore  Open Edge Pads perform up to 30% better than traditional meat pads.
  • Micro- pore and open – edge  design  technology allows pads to absorb and retain moisture at a faster, cleaner rate giving unbeatable absorbency and  superior wicking, in a thinner pad.
  • Even when displayed tilted, Go Green open edge pads reduce excess moisture, without drying the meat.
  • Go Green padded trays with Micro-pore Open Edge Pads  are completely lay flat greatly improving  automatic denesting performance with no fold overs, unlike conventional pads.
  • No orientation required as pads absorb from the  surface and both sides.


  • Contains no recycled materials, glues or binders.
  • Made from 100% virgin chlorine free pulp.