GO-GREEN Printed Trays

Reduce “Over Packaging” with registered pre-printed trays and lidding.

Produce differentiation through brand recognition.

Generate significant savings with pre-printed readable texts:

  • Eliminate boxes, sleeves and labels
  • Decoration and information can be directly printed to tray surface
  • GO-GREEN proprietary manufacturing process results in over 30% savings in materials & energy
  • Tamper proof printing cannot be destroyed or absorb moisture
  • Eliminate bottom labels by pre-print on bottom of tray
  • Bottom scannable pre-printed bar codes- A unique solution to an age old problem
  • Effective “Billboard Presentation” without over packaging
  • Utilize power of design for brand recognition
  • Billboard Pizzazz
  • Shelf Velocity
  • Superior product presentation will jump off the shelf


  • Printing – custom 6 color digital offset printing
  • Sizes – stock and custom sizes (see stock list )
  • Color – white trays
printed trays go-green
color trays go green
gogreen trays
Go Green Printed
gogreen padded trays

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