Roll Stock
Food • Industry • Medical
rollstock gogreen

High Barrier

Extended shelf life using EVOH. Coextruded structures with PP or PE sealants.

High Clarity

Range of clear materials from homopoloyer and copolymer to meet performance specifications.

Custom Colors

Customize your package with customer colors. Also available 2 color coextrusions.

Roll Stock

CPT offers a full range of custom extruded Polyproplylene for food, industrial and medical packaging applications.

CPT provides coextruded structures with PP or PE sealant layers including:

  • High Barrier (with EVOH) for extended shelflife
  • Copolymer for freezer applications
  • High Clarity for applications that clarity is essential
  • Homopolymer for best performance for high fat and sugar products in microwave

Custom colors available, including 2 color coextruded rollstock

rollstock gogreen
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