Zazin – Nesting Trays
Savings in Freight & Space

Zazin – Nesting Trays

Zazin No. 1 Series

Zazin Number 3 Series


Zazin Third Steams

Zazin Family Pack Series

Unique beveled sidewall design for functional performance without stack shoulders:

Significant freight savings – maximize the weight on a truck by reducing shipment of air:

  • Example: 03120 – Conventional trays – 205,920 trays fit into a truckload
  • Zazin 03120 – Nesting Trays 544,320 trays fit into a truckload
  • Over 260% more trays fit into a truckload

Significant reduction in warehouse space

Option for registered printed

Ask your CPT sales rep for information about Greenester – High speed denesting equipment designed for trays without stack shoulders.

zazin stacks
#03160 Each Stack has 45 Trays
gogreen padded trays

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