Branding Enhancement


Labels or something as simple as Safe Handling instructions, utilize real estate on the back or your trays. Have your trays delivered pre labeled and ready for production, a definite savings in Time and Labor and saved opportunity costs.

Laser Etching

Laser-Etch your brand name, logo or a marketing statement. Perfect for private label programs.

Two Color Trays and Custom Colors:

A two-color tray with your color of choice on in the inside of the tray and one on the outside. enhancing the visual appeal of the product by using a color to accent the contents.

Example, Green in the inside of a tray to bring out the color of the broccoli, or Red in the inside to make the meat look fresher, or simply just match the colors of your logo so you can stand out from the rest. Bar codes- A unique solution to an age-old problem

Printed Trays

Eliminate boxes, sleeves and labels. Decoration and information can be directly printed to tray surface. Tamper proof printing cannot be destroyed or absorb moisture. Bottom scannable pre-printed bar codes- A unique solution to an age-old problem.
gogreen padded trays

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