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Tray Materials

Our lidding films are engineered to work with the full spectrum of tray materials and applications.

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Fresh Produce

Breathable OTR specific lidding films for fresh produce and seafood is one of our specialties.

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EZ Steps

Perfect steam packaging and vacuum skin packaging with EZ Steps easy peel trays a lidding films.


GO-GREEN offers a complete range of lidding films that are engineered to work with the full spectrum of tray materials and for a complete range of applications.


Optional printing is available in both flexo and roto gravure.


  • Fresh Wave Lidding Films- unique steam film.
  • Breathable OTR Specific Lidding Films – Fresh Produce and Seafood.
  • High Barrier Lidding Films – Ready Meals, Case Ready, High Pressure Pasteurization.
  • Lidding films with up to 11 layers for MAP have both easy peel and weld seal capabilities to PE, PP, PS, PE, Aluminum, CPET and PVC.

Lidding Summary Guide

(click on the name to download the datasheet)
GaugeBarrierAnti FogSealingMax use*Min. use*Substrate
HB HT 251High Barrierxx120-1501850weld     
HB 351.4High Barrierxx100-1802080weldEP    
HB 602.4High Barrierxx100-1802080weldEP    
HB 803.2High Barrierxx100-1802080weldEP    
L 602.4Low Barrier 100-1802030weldEP    
Breathable L 602.4Breathable 100-1801850weldEP    
HB EP- A 622.5High Barrierx110-1901940EP     
HB EP – C 602.4High Barrier 140-2002570weldEPEPEP EP
EP-C 42 1.7Low Barrier 140-2002570weldEPEPEP EP
L-PET 321.3Medium Barrier       weld  
HB AL 502High Barrier 180-210      Hard peel 
L PP 421.7Low Barrierxx
2120 weld    
L-PET 321.7Breathablexx
2120 weld    
HB-L-PP-60.pdf2.4High Barrierxx
2120 weld    
FreshWave Steam Non-Barrier(Microwave Only)
1.5 - 2.0Breathable** 100- 1803000 weld    
FreshWave Steam Airtight (Microwave Only)2.8 - 3.1Barrier 150-2103000 weld    
NOTE: Each application to be checked by customer.
*Maximum and minimum post treatment temperature or hot fill of package.
**Breathable OTR Specific films – contact your Go Green Sales Representative to define breathable target
rates and to order test film. Indicative OTR rates for High Barrier – 1 – 3 cc / m2 / day and Low Barrier -
100 cc / m2 / day(dry and 23°C). See link to data sheet for actual values.
Weld – Locked seal to tray EP – Peelable Seal- (Harder Peel Strength can be sometimes achieved depending
on sealing temp and dwell times.)
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