GO-GREEN PP (Polypropylene) & High Barrier PP Trays


  • Innovative process utilizes 30% less energy and less material which has been audited by the utility Alliant Energy of Wisconsin.
  • Reduce carbon footprint by using less petroleum based products and energy.
  • Number 5 Recycling Logo – microwaveable, high barrier, cups and containers.


  • Stock Sizes- range of trays in different depths and compartments
  • Custom Sizes – available
  • Materials: PP and PP with EVOH coextrusion (copolymer and homopolymer)
  • Applications: Fresh Produce, Seafood, Frozen Ready Meals
  • Colors – clear, black and white; custom colors available with minimum order
  • High Pressure Pasteurization, Retort, and foamed PP trays available with special order
High Barrier Trays
Hi Barrier