We carry a wide variety of high quality trays that are ideally suited for ready meal packaging. These food containers can be easily sealed, transported and reheated in a microwave or conventional oven.

Our trays prolong the shelf life of food while at the same time giving the product a great presentation.

These are the materials we recommend for ready meal packaging:

Our Polypropylene & High Barrier PP Trays are microwaveable and come in a variety of sizes, depths, and compartments. They are manufactured in an innovative process utilizing 30% less energy and less material.

Our Printed Trays allow for decoration and information to be directly printed to the tray surface. This creates superior product presentation while eliminating boxes, sleeves and labels which results in over 30% savings in materials & energy.

We offer a complete range of Lidding Films that are engineered to work with the full spectrum of tray materials and for a complete range of applications.

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